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Our organization is involved in numerous projects.


CWDSO is involved in identifying Children with Disabilities from Financially Challenged Backgrounds to take them to schools through Assessment Program by EARC Educational Assessment Resource Centre that identifies suitable Schools for the Children with Disabilities


This Program involves supplying the guardians/caregivers with the necessary Ambulatory/Mobility Aid. We give Diapers, Catheters and Gels to assist in the sanitation of the Children that need them.
It also involves training and facilitation of our Caregivers/Parents on Micro-enterprises.

Creating Awareness

In Disability awareness and roadshows, we train the community on disability issues to eradicate stigma. This helps the community to understand that disability is not witchcraft or a bad omen but a condition that needs love and support from all members of the society


After the Surgeries, we pay for Calipers or KAFOS to help support the limps. We follow with Clinics and checkups to ensure that the healing is progressive. We distribute Wheelchairs, Whitecane, Crutches, Calipers, KAFOS, Walking Frames to Children with Disabilities that need them. This helps the children’s movement a little easier and manageable

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